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Our rear view camera systems


With our NOMAD Tech series, we meet commercial, industrial, government or personal backup camera system needs with high quality and reliable video equipment designed to perform in the harshest environments.

Equipping your fleet with backup camera kits is essential to keeping your drivers and their surroundings safe.

Our sets include both commercial and ultra-durable features with varying vibration resistance. We also offer standard rear view camera sets with one camera and monitor as well as the quad view set, which includes three additional cameras for increased safety visibility. We offer several sets of rear view cameras and proximity sensors, so you can fit one or more vehicles without the hassle of gathering the right parts.

Our wide range of camera & proximity sensor kit options will allow you to equip several vehicles without hassle.

Each of our NOMAD Tech camera systems comes with a 1-year warranty starting on the date of purchase for your peace of mind. An extended warranty is offered with the initial purchase. Balais NOMAD will be happy to guide you in selecting the system that best suited to your needs.

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