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Balais NOMAD Balais NOMAD

We love what we do.

It is our passion.

Christian Robertson, President of Balais NOMAD had just one idea in mind for the past few years, to become an entrepreneur. With strong professional skills in management, sales management and the manufacturing sector, he realized his dream with the creation of Balais NOMAD in 2009. A company that is developing a strong reputation based on solid business principles.

Building the future on 14 years of commitment and success

Brooms NOMAD does not claim to be the biggest street sweeping company, nor does it necessarily aspire to be. Our primary objectives are those of the services offered by Balais NOMAD, the satisfaction and loyalty of its customers, the pursuit of new markets and the innovation of the street sweeping industry. Like most companies, we started with little to grow the industry ladder one call at a time, one contract at a time, and one success at a time. During the adventure, we analyzed and compared the services offered and compared market demand, we better understood who does what, and who needs what. Our strategies have been to offer the right services and implement the right solutions to current needs. The successes achieved were a very good indicator of our customer satisfaction index, mission accomplished and it was time for us to continue growth, investment and representation territories. Every strong company must have a strong team and we are more than proud of the work accomplished and the exceptional collaboration of our team. Hiring 12 employees, we have a high-performance, qualified and very professional team that grew up within Balais NOMAD with the same values and objectives as us.

And then now?

The company is successful, we have a strong team, we are beneficial and growing, what more could you ask for? Christian sees bigger and despite the fact that he has established himself in the street sweeping industry, he wishes to influence it in terms of innovation and the performance of his tools.

Why make it complicated when you can make it simple, that is the question. The Piranha attachment was invented to meet a need for efficiency and cost management. The Piranha Brush is having a great success here in Canada and is gaining momentum in North America with a very promising response.

Christian is a manager as strategic as he is on the ground. He is close to his customers, very curious about innovations in the industry. He continues to absorb the best techniques, tools and processes to save you time and money. Dynamic on social media such as LinkedIn, follow him in his interactions with the industry community.