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Balais NOMAD

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Balais NOMAD offers a selection of services adapted to your most specific needs. Whether commercial, industrial, governmental or personal, it will be our pleasure to guide you in the most appropriate choices.

At your service since 2009, we have great achievements to our credit and we are proud to count them among our valued collaborators. The loyalty of our customers is a reflection of our success.

Balais NOMAD offers a 24/7 emergency service for the sale and delivery of replacement brushes.

Unparalleled service by people who know their stuff

Sale and delivery of a large selection of replacement brushes.
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Make you the №1 in street sweeping by offering the best products available that will provide you with impeccable conditions.

Whether you work in a commercial business, a municipality or an industrial site, you understand the importance of having clean floors. With Balais NOMAD, you can ensure that your brushes deliver optimum performance and cleaning efficiency to produce the most pristine conditions.

Advisory service
Best practices for street sweeping

Vacuum Sweepers

Vacuum sweepers utilize a fan that exhausts its air directly to the atmosphere. These sweepers must use water for dust suppression or the fan will blow large amounts of dust into the atmosphere causing environmental issues as well as exaggerated fan wear.

Operator Training

Street sweepers, whether mechanical or high efficiency types, are complex machines to operate in an efficient manner.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance will assure that a street sweeper achieves its service life. Often street sweepers and trucks are used by more than one driver, thus it may be difficult to determine which operators may neglect periodic preventive maintenance requirements.